Maka si aku ini hanya ingin kenal erti sebuah bahagia
Disaat lelah telah menyerah
Bertahan...sudah cukup rasanya walau aku tahu ia tak mungkin berbalas jua
ibarat sekam di sulut bara
tak kasat mata nampaknya tapi asap kemana-mana..
Pedihnya hanya DIA yang tahu.

Have Faith

ALLAH will always send help in the most beautiful and unexpected ways. 
HE will give something more than what I wish. 
ALLAH will never leave me alone to fend ourselves.
HE will tested us and HE already told us this, that HE gonna test us but HE also promised a few things..

  • That we will never be tested beyond our capabilities 
  • There is ease with every difficulty so ease doesn't come after the difficulty but it comes alongside the difficulty. We just have to look for the ease!
  • That whatever happens to us it's always for the best

"Let's not carry the worries of this life because it is for ALLAH. Do not also carry the worries of sustenance because it's from ALLAH and do not worry about the future because it belongs to ALLAH..."