be Like Him...*spongebob squArepAnts*

toNite..2nd group persuade presentation..I was really admired with Pija I like is about SPongebob Squarepants..Pija persuade us to be like spongebob..hehe.. can I be like you spongebob?? will be a lot of fun if jd spongebob kn? x stress..happening je..buat org lain happy with us..bahagiakn? ok now...something new information bout spongebob..rupe nyee his age is 16-25 tahu..if before I just layan je cite nie..die seriously comel..suke mate die, hidung die, mulut die, and sume laa...hehe..=p Spongebob happy go under pineapple because he love sweet and nice smell..I lovin it you all know his best friends is Ptrick Star. I love Patrick too..huhu..wne Pink attractive..hehe~ spongebob always think positive++, funny, friendly, and byk lg positive value of spongebob.. actually I just realize that everyone should love this cute character.. anyway thumbs up for the person who create spongebob...=)

~ xoxo~

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